india ink and other things...

Oh. my. gosh.
I can't believe how long it's been since I sat down long enough to write a blog post.
Shameful I tell ya. Just shameful.
It seems I took a little summer blog break! A freakin' long summer break. And a part-ways into the fall break. But it sure was fun.
So I'm back with some stuff to share. I'm really feeling that back-to-school thing even though The Daughter has been back in school since the end of July. We have short summer breaks around these parts.
Here's a little bingo card creation for September. I just love the expression on this kid's face... she looks like she's not too happy waiting for whatever it is she's waiting for...
Check out those cute little Mary Jane's she's got on!
I really like that 7Gypsies red ruler tape. Even though it's sheer, it's fun to use on things. 
Do any of you remember using these pen nibs with india ink? I loved that stuff! (although not the mess- it wasn't very forgiving. My mother HATED it and I wasn't allowed to use it in my room. So I didn't. As far as she knew *wink*). I had an art teacher in high school who actually gave me about 20 bottles of india ink- every color you could imagine. 
hmmm... I wonder whatever happened to that stuff? I'll bet my mom had something to do with it's disappearance...

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fairyrocks said...

Welcome back!! I so remember india ink... and its permanent qualities!!
Thanks for the trip down that nostalgic lane. I think the new Faber Castell pens have an India ink base. Keep smiling and creating.

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