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Well... I'm still at it! Believe it or not, here is the 4th set of pages from the book.
Paper Whimsy girl, pretty butterfly wings and a bike. That's random but hey, who ever said collage had to make sense?
Birds should always wear crowns. Except for blue jays. Blue jays should wear horns. and tails. and carry pitchforks.
Our backyard seems to have been taken over by an extremely possessive fellow and he's not willing to share it. with any other bird. or people. I think even the flowers don't like him.
I know I hate him.
I'd much rather have trees filled with little birds wearing crowns.


Cindy said...

LOL...it would be a wonderful world indeed. We have a demon Mockingbird, he's a happy fellow, just wish he did not need to express his happiness at 2:30 am. LOL.

LOVE the pages...such gorgeous colors and just a beautifully simple layout. Love it.


Kathy said...

My bluejay sentiments, exactly! We had a pair that even terrorized our cat. I am thinking about getting one of those super-soaker squirt guns and keeping it loaded on the patio!

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