sick as a dog...

Where in the world did that saying come from? Sick as a dog? I don't know, but... I sure have been sick. Like, almost an entire month of sick. Geez! Enough already. Lucky me, got bronchitis but didn't go to the doctor 'cause, you know, I'm sure I'm gonna feel better in a couple days. Well, a couple days soon turned into a couple weeks and let's just say- I won't ever do that again.
So I'm finally feeling like making something but I wanted immediate gratification. Nothing better for that than collage!
And even better than collage is... a collage made on a coaster. It's so tiny!
I have loved PaperWhimsy images forever. For Christmas, my stepmom gave me a gift certificate for their store and I got to have fun shopping- thanks Maggie! This lovely girl is from their collection called 'beautiful faces'. Every one of them is gorgeous- the eyes definitely have it!
After the initial layering of book paper and sheet music, I swiped some colors of paint onto the coaster. Some stamping and it was ready for the images.
I layer my images with chipboard whenever and wherever I can and collage is no different.
The butterfly wings are 'bumped up' with a layer of chipboard and the girl is layered over those.
Stickles are always the perfect finishing touch with just a shimmer of sparkle.
I'm so happy to be back!


Unknown said...

You know they said that if you had gotten a flu shot this year you may not have gotten that bug? I'm glad to hear you're feeling better and back to your collagie making!

smokeysmom said...

Great collage Terri! And, I love the stand you made - too cute! I have the same Paper Whimsey collage sheet! Good taste runs in the family, lol. Hugs, Maggie

Cindy said...

She's gorgeous!!!! LOVE the colors!


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