Do you love mercury glass? Oh I do... I do... I DO...
I think it is just beautiful. It works for me any time of year, but especially in the winter months. The sparkle and shine and imperfectness is wonderful.
I have worked on my collection of it over the past few years but I usually only find a few pieces each year. Thrift stores are a pretty good source- I guess not everyone appreciates the beauty of it like I do!
Last week, The Daughter and I were doing a little shopping and we ran into the Mother Lode of mercury glass. On sale. For really, really cheap I tell ya! At Ross- of all places. We loaded up the cart till it was full- holders for tea lights, vases, hurricanes. The most expensive pieces were the largest hurricanes- they were marked down to $2.98. Could you just die? I thought I had- and gone to Heaven too!
There were even more pieces to be had at Target but I'll save those for another day.
I'm a happy girl.

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fairyrocks said...

Well I had no idea it was called mercury glass. I am always happy for a sister collector that hits the ML !! Can't wait to see how you display all that silver.
Keep smiling and creating

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