gotta love a 70% off sale...

Oh yeah, don't you just love those after-Christmas sales?
On our wanderings last week while looking for Mercury glass, we came across these ginormous ornaments at Target. I almost bought a set back in late November- they came in a 2-pack for $19.98- but took them out of my basket and put them back. Regretted it for weeks because I couldn't find them when I went back again.
While at another Target after the holidays, I found them again- this time for only $2.98 a set! Oh yeah baby! They had 3 sets that quickly jumped into my basket and I practically ran to the checkstand, just in case they came to their senses and wanted to charge more money!
They make a perfect winter-scape down the center of our dining table.
Also found some pine branches (about $8 for the pack) that have little LED lights along the length and they are awesome! I could hardly wait till it got dark enough to see them.
They should be really pretty tonight!

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