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Lots and lots of collage happened for me during the retreat... I loved having all that time to play!
I brought along a selection of canvases to work with, but I had also thrown in a stack of cheap chipboard coasters I'd picked up at Michael's. They were sooooo cheap- I think they were 8 or 10 in a pack, and the packs were 10 cents. Yeah, 10 cents! Well I will definitely be using these alot- the size was fantastic for me (I really like the tiny size- it takes the intimidation out of the composition for me). Just some sanding to take off the printed design, a little gesso and that's all there was to it!
I guess it's really hard to tell in the photos, but I like to "bump" all my elements up with chipboard, no matter what the project- including collage. The ModPodge fills in so nicely.
This was so much fun to make!

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fairyrocks said...

Well I'd say you turned that 10cents into 10 dollars worth of creativity.
adorable little art piece!!

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