thrifty thursday...

My girlfriend and I hit the thrift store the other day- I think since we hadn't been for such a long time (like, all summer long!) the 'thrift fairy' was smiling down on us... we both found some great stuff.
I've been wanting something to put on my bathroom counter to hold the earrings I take off at night and am too lazy to put away. This little dish was perfect. When I picked it up at the store it was almost completely black but that was nothing a little silver cleaner couldn't fix. Totally worth the $3 it cost!
Now, I have a little confession. I have a strange love for white soup tureens. Don't ask why- I just do.
I saw a photo once of someone's kitchen and they had several tureens up on top of their cabinets. I thought it looked so pretty- and the space above mine had been empty for quite some time. Well, I told my friend Kris about it and we were on the hunt from that point on! She is usually the one who spots them as soon as we walk in somewhere and, lucky for me, she has no desire to take those dust-collectors home with her! Deal with myself was that I wouldn't spend more than $20 on one. That seems to be no problem! I've found them from as little as $3.99 up to (my BIG purchase) $18. We used to joke that it was gonna take a lifetime to fill all that space (I have a lot of cabinets) but we are determined girls and guess what? We just found the last 2 I'd been needing. Yes, needing.
There are now 18 lovely white tureens lining the top of the cabinets in my kitchen!
Although... if I find more, I can always just slide them over a little closer to one another. There's always room for one more ;-)

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kathy said...

totally understand -- have a fetish for many things -- i have one of a "thing " then two etc .. now 10 or twenty a collection --yikes when will it end --now i am buying old paper things a cutter -- a typewriter lol and so on !!! not gonna change --have fun --It is cheaper than therapy !!!

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