Well Blogger must finally have worked out whatever problem it was having... sheesh! I haven't posted for so long and when I went to go in and write one, it wasn't working. For days.

So here is one of the pages inside my little art journal. I had brought with me a couple copies of bird images I especially like (if you've read my blog before you're probably thinking 'my God- she's used that bird, like, a hundred times already'. What can I say except- love. love love love him.)

That Martha Stewart punch makes the prettiest lace border but I have to say- it sure didn't like having watercolor paper shoved in it. I almost broke the poor thing before I got this one piece finished!

Love this green silk ribbon I got at Tinsel & Treasures last year. Can't wait to go again this September!


donna!ee said...

no worries girlie...we all have our repeat fave images! :)

Cindy said...

Gorgeous! LOVE the colors, I'm so into sage and aqua too. And if its a fave, I say use it! :)


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