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There are so many wonderful swaps out there in blogland... if you do enough hopping around, I bet you can participate in so many that you'll be at your local post office every day of the week! Danielle Muller of The Vintage Dragonfly just hosted a 'vintage bird' swap.

Each us of made both a nest and a bird collage. The collage came to me instantly but the nest was so much trickier. By the time I finally figured out the 'what' of the nest, I was running out of time to figure out the 'how'! I wanted to use a combination of shredded book paper mixed with snippets of vintage lace. It all seemed so simple but getting it to stick together was much harder than I'd anticipated. A couple tries later I got what I was looking for.

I have to admit, in this photo it just looks like a jumbled mess. It looked much better in person (I hope!) I glittered some styrofoam eggs and added a rhinestone-studded button along with some pearls.
The whole thing sits atop a pedestal I made from a candlestick and a dessert plate. I included a couple little flashcards for the recipient to use wherever she wants.
Whoever she is, I hope she likes it!

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Cindy said...

I think it turned out wonderfully! LOVE it! I'm sure she will too.

Hey gurl. I'm going to break away from this computer and go finish boxing up your order! You silly. You are too sweet and I really appreciate it!

love ya!

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