here's the cover...

Yesterday I promised to show you the cover for these pages-

I originally thought I'd use binder rings to hold it together but when it was done, it sure looked dull.

I switched them out for some beautiful brown seam binding. Much better now!

For this project, I decided that I'd go ahead and deliver it to the store without filling in all the journaling... just too personal to let it sit in there and have people open it up and read it! Have you ever felt like that with something you made 'public'?

That is the same reason that I don't post any personal family photos here (although most of my work uses vintage photos anyway). Panic ensues when I hear someone has posted a photo on their Facebook page including me... it feels like my privacy has been violated. Guess I'm just a throw-back from another generation.


Jean Franks Beck said...

Gorgeous! And what a fun project - it's like a little time capsule of what your interests are at the moment... the books that influence you, the places you share.... It would be neat to do one of those every 5 years or so, and see what endures, and what changes. Plus it's a good excuse to play with more fabulous papers and embellies, LOL! Beautiful cover, beautiful pages - TFS. :)

Cindy said...

*sigh* I'm such a sucker for little books...and this one looks particularly lovely! And yes, the seam binding...much more cozy! :) Its just gorgeous!

As for the snow...gah. We've had more snow here (in Texas) in the past few years than I've seen in my entire life. Honestly, its over-rated. LOL LOL. Just discovering how much I HATE being cold. Therefore blowing my theory that I'm a cold weather girl. :D
But your decorations are lovely.

And I LOVE the book!


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