admit one...

Tonight I'm teaching a class... to a bunch of young girls... we're making an altered composition book and I'm ready to learn all kinds of things from them- their favorite teachers, what their family pets are, crazy things their brothers and sisters do, cutest boy in class, who likes chocolate. You know, all of those important things when you're a young girl.
Oh wait- I loved Ms. Ash, I've got a parrot and 2 kitties, I married a pretty cute boy and... I LOVE chocolate. Maybe we never really grow up!

P.S. Happy Birthday Mom! I love you... xoxoxoxo


Jean Franks Beck said...

What a great-looking altered book - all of my favorite things! :)

Brenda Pruitt said...

Happy Birthday, Mom! No, in many ways I don't think we ever really grow up. Thank goodness!

Sharon Morrison said...

Love your ideas.
First time I have visited your page.
Found it on Cozy Little House.
Where are your classes?

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