a little bird told me...

This is the very last of my design team projects for September. It went together so easily, it was almost scary! I just used bits and pieces of everything I had in my kit plus some gorgeous silk ribbon I purchased from Lisa Super at the Tinsel and Treasures show. (I wish I would have bought 100 yards of it!)

The bird was cut out of a sheet of paper (I used the remainder for this banner) and edged in platinum Stickles; he's holding a Tim Holtz key that says "dreams".

This is a closeup of that silk ribbon- it shimmers with different colors in the light. It's beautiful!
I used more of those spray-painted cardstock stickers (this time a scalloped border and the small oval) to distress and stamp.

I didn't have any brown flowers so I made them from cardstock. They were just spirals, cut in a wavy hand and rolled tightly. Lots of fun to make- I think I could put them on everything.

I found a great wood frame at the thrift store the morning after I made this piece and came right home to paint it. Perfect fit- I think they were made for each other.

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SewPaperPaint said...

WOW! This is just plain awesome!!! I love that you are making these collages to frame. Do you thrift for your frames? Love this one! I just did some birds on canvases, will post them soon. Great minds, 'ey? So you are a design teamer, a class instructor, more? Very talented! Love your blog and will become a follower and add you to my sidebar. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment. Really made my morning! ;0
Autumn Clark

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