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Oh my gosh- I can't believe it's been so long since I posted... I've turned into one of those blogs that drives me crazy (you know, the ones where you keep looking but they're not posting anything and you wonder- what the heck could be more important than keeping me entertained whenever I feel like looking at their blog? Yeah, I'm one of 'those' blogs now). Although, I suppose I'm lucky anyone is even reading this after I've been gone so long.

I don't even have a great excuse for being gone. School is out for summer vacation and we've just been home, hanging out and having fun. There is a new scrapbook store in town that I'm just totally in love with and I can't get enough time in. My scrappy girlfriends and I have been scrapping away together. The laundry is piling up, the garden needs to be weeded, my scrap room is a total disaster (going through yet-another-redo), yada yada yada.... basically, you know, life is happening!

So Tuesday the Scrappy Girls all got together for our weekly crop and we had a patriotic theme going on. It was really my turn to host, but being as how I can't even see the floor or a single tabletop in my studio at the moment, one of the girls graciously offered to let me have it at her house and I just brought the stuff with me. That was a genius solution- thanks Kandy!

I brought along some goodies for us to create with- chipboard stars, lots of vintage images to play with, patriotic-themed flashcards and some hand-dyed seam binding. Over the last couple of weeks I've also been doing some canning and I brought everyone some blueberry-lemonade jam. Hope they liked it!

Blueberry Lemonade Jam

7 cups crushed blueberries
3 1/2 cups sugar
1 pkg. low-sugar powdered pectin
1 Tbsp. lemon zest
1/3 cup fresh-squeezed lemon juice
Pour crushed blueberries into a stockpot. Mix pectin with 1/4 cup of the sugar and stir into blueberries. Add enough water to the 1/3 cup lemon juice to equal 1/2 cup total fluid. Stir lemon-water mixture into berries. Bring to a boil then add the rest of the sugar. Return to a hard, rolling boil and boil for 1 minute. Remove from heat and stir in zest. Pour hot mixture into sterilized jars and process for 10 minutes.
Makes 9-10 half pint jars

We had Pulled Pork sandwiches, iced tea and brownies. Kinda like a picnic, only in a really beautiful house instead. with no ants. or flies. or frisbees to duck. and the air conditioning kept us nice and cool. Basically, I think I've decided I like indoor picnics better than outdoor picnics!

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Unknown said...

Yes....it was a fun filled day of Red, White, and Blue.... Thank you Terri, I had a great time. And I love all the stuff you brought for us!
Have a sparkling Fourth of July! See you next week.
And I hear you are stocking the ladies at the new scrap store?

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