10 things I love...

Did you do your homework assignment? Yeah, I know, it's summer vacation and you shouldn't have to do homework. I get it.

BUT... if you did make a list and take a handful of snapshots you can make this little book with me. Easy peasy.

The pocket pages are made from double-sided paper. It doesn't have to be double-sided but it sure makes the job easier. For demonstration I'm just using watercolor paper so you can see my measurements and folds. If you can see from my super-blurry photos, that is...

For each 'pocket' you'll need a piece of paper cut to 6 1/2" by 9".

Using your handy Scor-Pal or just a ruler and bone folder, score at the halfway point (4 1/2") and also all the way across the bottom at 1/2".

You are going to cut off the 1/2" strip on the left side of the paper, leaving a little "flap" to fold up on the right side.

I've also cut 1" off the top of the right side. This photo shows pinking shears, you can use whatever you'd like. The pockets in my books had straight cuts.

I used a corner rounder for the 'outside' edges of the pockets. You can leave them square if you like, it's up to you.

I love my studio. It constantly changes, but every time I walk in there I feel happy.

Yeah, really. I LOVE rain... I know it's summer now, but I started this book awhile ago...
Who doesn't love flowers?

This fabulous photo of the darling little trike is NOT mine... it's an old Country Living or BH&G in my file but I smile every time I look at it...

It's not neccessary to line the inside of your pocket. I thought I was being so very clever, but in reality, no one will ever see this. except you. because I'm making you look at a photo of it. So don't waste your precious summer vacation time on something that won't show.

These are The Scrappy Girls. These girls make me sooooo happy!!!

I'm as bad as a dog when you shake your keys.... are we going for a ride?? huh?? where??

I spend most days with the radio on all day long. Keeps me company and keeps me informed!

This is my side-kick Holly. She likes to lay in my studio wherever it's most inconvenient for me. Like in the middle of my already-messy worktable or on the chair I was sitting on.

The edges of the pages are lined with lace trim. You can leave them plain if you like.
I don't like!

I used a large number stamp to stamp each corner. If you don't like the number idea, leave it off! It's your book.

Chipboard ovals covered in paper were used for the subject on each pocket. Again, hate my own writing so I used alpha stamps instead.

I made a tag to fit into each pocket so I could do my journaling.
Does everyone hate their own handwriting? I do. so I feel better if it's hidden inside the pocket.

To hold the whole thing together, I used my Bind-It-All. If you don't have one, you could use binder rings or even ribbon to hold your pages together.

Maybe now I'll make another book titled '10 Things I Love About Summer'...


Jean Franks Beck said...

What an awesome project!! Not only is it beautiful, but what a wonderful thing to have, to look through on those days when we're feeling a bit stressed, yucky, frazzled.... very grounding. And fun! TFS - Hope you're having a great weekend! :)

Unknown said...

that book came out really cute Terri!
I can't wait to see your summer book

Cindy said...

I love this! It's adorable and I love the colors..perfect. As soon as I get done with Paper Cowgirl (retreat), I'm going to see if I can do. Thanks for the free tut!


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