enjoy yourself...

It's been too long since I've posted anything- sometimes life seems to get in the way.

May is such a busy time for me... I'm a Girl Scout (yeah, really- you didn't know they could be this old, did you?!!) and direct camp every summer. May is the month we train all of our adult staff and so it's busy, busy, busy all month long.

I've had to stop and remember to enjoy myself during this process. It seemed like a good idea for a little (VERY little!) project that I could knock out in a short time- since time is something I don't seem to have much of right now. Creating is such a re-energizer for me.

This piece was super easy- the base was made from cereal boxes (what else?) layered and glued together for heft. Chipboard letters were covered with an old book page and one of the last scraps of 7Gypsies ruler paper I own. insert real tears here. I have saved every.single.little.piece! Left over rub-on letters help spell out the message, as well as some resin buttons I had in my junk pile. That's it!

Remember to take time to enjoy yourself!


Jean Franks Beck said...

Such a lovely project, so full of sweet goodness. I haven't had much time to play or visit lately, either - but it's all about the "remember to enjoy...." Life is important :)

Jan Hennings said...

Love this! Do you have a Girl Scout

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