studio tour, part 1...

I have had several people ask me to take a little 'tour' of my studio. Studio? You know, the room filled to the brim with craft supplies and crap. I've convinced The Husband that everyone has one- thank goodness he indulges me. There are times when no human would dare enter this place- it can be kind of a mess. To put it mildly. Calling it a studio just makes it sound more important than it actually is!

Runs With Scissors is the name of my studio space. Our house is multi-level and this room is on the very bottom floor. It's 10x20 and honestly, I have every single inch of it crammed with something. I sure wish it were bigger- like, 4x bigger! Although, bigger room = bigger mess. This is probably as big as I can handle!

I happen to love this quote-
'One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.' A.A. Milne
I kinda think crafters can relate. I know I've found things I totally forgot I had!

My dad built the large white hutch against this wall. It has lived in different houses and been used for different purposes but this is the best! Underneath the skirt is a ton of storage. Right now the shelves hold ribbons, flowers and glitter.

I love the look of ribbon in jars. Problem was, lots of jars were required. Lots of jars, lots of money. Most of these ended up coming from the thrift store with just a few from Crate & Barrel and Walmart. It really doesn't matter to me that they don't all match- I kinda like it better that they don't.

Here's another use for a cupcake stand- (again, Goodwill for .99). I just used tiny canning jars to hold the buttons. I posted awhile back with another cupcake stand I found at Crate & Barrel. This one holds larger embellishments.

One of my sewing machines stays set up so that I can quickly use it for stitching on paper & cards. I also keep most of my acrylic paints over in this corner, too. My dad made the revolving holder for bottles of paint- it's awesome.

I guess you can tell I like Mary Engelbreit. It started years ago when a friend gave me something for my birthday. That turned into lots and lots of M.E. stuff over the years.

The bright colors in here aren't anywhere else in my house so this room just makes me feel happy when I'm in it. It's where The Scrappy Girls create when it's my turn to host each month. Believe it or not, we can actually cram 4 of us in here. It takes a little moving around, but we manage! Some of my best days have been spent in here with friends.

I'll post more of my room tomorrow...


Morgane @ Bear,Dolly and Moi said...

this is a grand studio! with a lot of light and space! (and well organized!!) yes you are reading a little envy! It is always fun to see where the artist "lives"!

Jean Franks Beck said...

Oh, your space is so fabulous!! Love all of your creative storage solutions, and the lovely colors. Thanks so much for letting us have a look. I'll be coming back for more :)

Unknown said...

Wow Terri...your studio looks great!
Don't you need your "Scrappy Girls" to come over and make a mess? Let me tell your readers...we all love going to Terri's to scrap...she is the best cook too! We always have the most wonderful tasty lunch!
And a great time! :)

Susan HP said...

Love the studio. And I believe you can call it that! Your jars of goodies had my head spinning with dreams of candycanes and lollipops! Heaven!
I wish my "room" were so organized. I haven't quite convinced my husband that everyone has one, since it's such a mess! HA!!
Thanks for sharing, it gives me something to reach for.

RosesMarijke said...

I Loooove your studio......!!

Unknown said...

oh Terri my Dear Friend- Going into your studio inspired me so much yesterday and tonite to go online and see your blog... You got me wanting to PLAY! I've got the itch and it's all your fault! Your work is beautiful!! So what are we doing first? Scrapping, sewing, canning or going to look for treasures at 2nd hand stores. Can't wait for summer when I'm off work!

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