meet the scrappy girls...

I'd like to introduce you to The Scrappy Girls... we are a small group of close friends who get together every Tuesday to play!

We all met at a LSS many years ago. When the store closed, there was a large group of us, originally there were about 10, who decided to get together once a month and scrap together. But... kids in school, finding work outside the home and other committments eventually whittled us down. Another store opened up and as the group got smaller, we met there weekly instead.

Through the years we have become a group of four. These women are true sisters- there is nothing that we can't talk about, or laugh about, or cry about with each other. They are fun, fiercely loyal and free-wheeling! They have become such an important part of my life- I can't imagine being without them.

We were once all part of a design team and had to make a sample representing our personalities and our own personal 'style'... even though they are years old, these are still pretty acurate...

We decided to stop getting together at a store and return to the more intimate setting of our own homes. Each Tuesday, one of us is the hostess of the party. And I do mean P-A-R-T-Y. I'm not sure how it became what it is... it just happened! There are 'themed' days and some days when the hostess might decide to teach us a class- with a new technique or a project. There are always generous gifts of supplies and little goodies for everyone.
And the food.
The food is fabulous.
We joke about the stress of coming up with something new each time it's our turn to hostess, but to be honest- we love it and we still look forward to it every single week, whether we're the hostess or the guest.
I hope this tradition carries on for years to come.

I love you girls!!!


Unknown said...

Hey friend... Your friends are so young and cute! hahaha
What will we do when we loose one of our members? I am at a loss....
We will scrap on!
She will visit, I insist!

Jennifer said...

Lucky you! I teach children to make scrapping cards for fun - sort a of a "your moms are my friends and they need a break" day. I love it, Jennifer jennsthreegraces

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