I can hardly believe I'm sitting here writing my very first post. Usually I have WAY too much to say and now I am just wondering where to start! I've enjoyed reading so many blogs over the last couple of years. It was amazing to discover that there were people out there wanting to share their creativity with other like-minded souls. Who knew?

So... I'm taking the plunge.

How many of you remember sitting in front of the t.v. mesmerized by The Queen of All Crafts, Carol Duvall? Long before the world of HGTV and 24-hour networks. Long before the crafting industry became what it is today. Long before you would actually admit to anyone that, yes, you were a crafter. It was such a sad day when she could no longer be found on my t.v.

Well, rumor has it that she may be back. And back BIG time! Karin, from http://www.creativechaos.typepad.com/ has it on good authority that it may really be happening. Check this out!


Two pieces of good news........

First.......I have it on good authority that I and/or my group in no way shape or form scared, frightened or struck terror in Carol Duvall with our frenzied meeting. Thank God. So that leads me to my second piece of good news. Not only was I not banned from any future meetings, gatherings or correspondence, I was given top super secret information about the eventual return of Carol by her long time producer Kelly Ehrlich. Kelly and I have quickly become, as one might say in the industry, BFF's since that fateful meeting in the lobby. Ok, she's only written me twice.......but, hey, that's BFF material in my book.......Hi Kelly! Coffee next week? I'll have my people call your people!
Anyway, the super top secret information is that Kelly is trying to get an online craft community together called icraftnetwork featuring Carol. Although the site is not up yet, she is hoping for beta testing in the next couple of months. If you email Kelly at
icraftwithcarol@yahoo.com , you will be put on the mailing list, as well as, be part of first beta test group. Meaning you will get to see the site before the general public. It’s like a backstage pass to a rock concert!

So, anyhow, I got a chance to chit chat with Kelly about the new site...........

Karin: So, Kelly, now that I've been "personally chosen" to spread the word, what can you tell us about the site.

Kelly: Ummm, I’ve actually told many people about this; but I'm glad you can help us out! The site is not up yet; however, we are hoping to have it ready for beta testing in a a couple of months. What everyone can look forward seeing on the site is the largest fully interactive craft community online which will include many of your crafting idols, a market place where members can sell their own crafts, they will have access to amazing craft projects from the craft industries most talented and most recognized craft experts. We will be the HULU of craft programming.

Karin: That sounds exciting! Can you explain to everyone what that will entail?

Kelly: Well, they will be able to view and discover craft programming they never even knew was out there. We will be producing original icraft Network programming with all the Carol Duvall show regulars and the craft industries leading craft designers as well. There are so many bells and whistles on this site it will literally be a crafters utopia.

Karin: I love utopias! Especially when it involves crafts. So how can crafters participate on the icraftnetwork?

Kelly: There will be a variety of ways crafters can participate. Members will be able to upload and share their own projects and craft videos. We will be highlighting craft bloggers, events, news etc. The purpose of this site is to bring the best of the crafting world all under one roof.

Karin: So does that mean Carol will be back on our screen soon?

Kelly: Carol is going high tech; so keep an eye out for Carol and friends coming to a computer screen near you soon!

Karin: So, Kelly, can you let me in on any other secrets....please........pretty please......

Kelly: Ok.....I will say this, top secret of course, there is power in numbers and my wish is to build the largest online craft community that will support the launch of a 24hr craft network. I think the networks are missing out by not seeing the huge demand there is for this type of programming. I want to prove to them that there is a HUGE demand and an audience that will support this type of programming. THAT is why I need every crafter who misses The Carol Duvall Show and other shows like hers to email us at
icraftwithcarol@yahoo.com and let your voice be heard!!! In the meantime, we will producing online craft segments and shows for your viewing pleasure on the site.

Karin: So one last question.....now that I practically know Carol on a personal level, do you think she would come over to my house if I cooked her dinner?

Kelly: Maybe with a little added security and some guidelines, you might get her to accept a dinner invite.....lol......

Karin: Yay! Carol's coming over for dinner! I hope she likes Costco chicken........Anyway, thanks so much Kelly for letting us all in on the big news.

Kelly: No problem! This is really just the tip of the iceberg. Stayed tuned for more and keep those emails coming!

Karin: So are we still on for coffee next week? Kelly? .......Kelly? Ok, my little person will call your people! Talk to you soon!

So... you all know what you've gotta do. Get out there and bring Carol back!


Karin said...

Hi Terri!! Thanks so much! Karin :)

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Welcome to blogging!

Unknown said...

Well Don't forget we know the real Carol in disguise! hahahaha And SHE is much more talented!!!

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